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Embracing Life in my 50’s with an Eccomerce Business and creating financial security



 About Me 

I am Julie Hawley, an online entrepreneur , passionate about helping people create more freedom in their life.
Personal development and mindset are so important and make a huge difference to making changes in your life. 
Having built a 6 million dollar business in the past, unfortunately in an archaic business model that was not moving with the times.
So I left to do other things.
I have partnered with the world first anti ageing hair & skincare range.
Direct Selling changed my life many years ago, giving me opportunities of travel, I could only dream about, I was able to stay home with my children and it gave as things as a family, that would never have been possible with it.
I am now starting again and this time, I have the experience from my previous business, to mentor and support my team with their business.
My mission is to give other women the same opportunities, I enjoyed in the past.” Reach out today, via my Instagram or  on Facebook and let’s set up a zoom call, so we can meet and I can set up in your own social selling business or if you would like to explore the product range, we can do a virtual skin or haircare consultation.
 I look forward to hearing from you 

My Passions & Hobbies 

I love getting out in nature,  walking daily.

I am passionate about photography and love getting out my camera, every chance I get. 

I upcycle old furniture and love saving pieces from landfill and transforming them.  

Personal Growth Journey

 I I have always been passionate about personal development – attending events, reading the books.   Yet my life was not where I wanted it to be.  I was struggling financially and feeling very stuck in a cycle of low income and no results. 

I have spent the last couple of years working on my personal development, invested time & money.

Fast forward to now and life is completely different.   I live each day on purpose and I am  living a life of gratitude and happiness.  Plus my income is growing in a way it has never done in the past. 

It has been a total life transformation.  If someone had said to me that things could change so drastically and so fantastically I wouldn’t have believed them. But they did for me and they can for you. 

Here’s to your greater health, wealth, and happiness.

.  Julie 


Social Selling Business 

Learn more about a social selling business with the world’s first anti-aging products. Click to learn more or follow me on Instagram


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