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I love this time of the year as we head into the holidays.   It’s a great time to pick up a book and read. 

I was an avid reader of books, picking up novels from markets and borrowing from the library all the time.    I love the feel of a real book.  While I was house sitting  I found it harder to carry books around and always ran out and nothing to read.   I resorted to reading on a kindle  but was not a fan,  so I  downloaded Borrow Box – a free ebook app as long as you have a library card – you can borrow books. It’s a brilliant app with the library at your fingertips.   They also have audio books too.  Great for long road trips. 

Once I got over the feeling of , this is not a real book, it felt weird – but I persevered and now I love my ebooks.      

The other brilliant tool is Audible. – I purchase  all my self development books from Audible and I can listen to them on my morning walk and whenever I am in the car, as it’s a great way to read / listen to more books.  Which is an inexpensive way to work on your personal growth. 

I hope you enjoy these suggestions on ways to read more books, whether it’s real books, or an Ebook on your Ipad or Kindle 

Enjoy the extra time for reading,  whether you read a summer romance for relaxation or a book about a new skill or  business book, it doesn’t matter.  It’s a wonderful way to pass the time. 

Enjoy and until next time


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