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Advantages of an online income

Advantages of an online income

What are the advantages of having an online income?

It is different for everyone – for me, it is the option of traveling to various locations and being on the move.   For many of you, it might just be having an extra stream of income coming into the family budget.    Or maybe you are dreaming of your own online business.  So many people are fed up with the corporate grind, but are stuck – there is another way, it takes time.  It might mean learning a new skill. 

The key is to start planning for it now, don’t wait until you are ready to leave or worse you are laid off.  Get started now, do some research, explore options and things that might be possible, and spend a couple of hours a week, in the areas you need to brush upon.

We all have time to do this, think about the time you spend, scrolling through Facebook. 

If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. – Warren Buffet

Whatever you decide to do, the idea is to start and find something that suits you. Set it up, so you have the choice, freedom, and option to work from anywhere.  

The local coffee shop while you enjoy a weekend away in an idyllic location.  It is a great way to get some work done with no distractions and still enjoy a lovely time away, or it could be a 3 month-long trip to Europe

I love my online business and am grateful I can operate my business wherever I choose. – Learn more about what I do – by checking out my website

Good luck with the research and I hope you find something that allows you to have the freedom that I have.

Until next time 

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My 50 Plus Life

My 50 Plus Life

Welcome to my updated blog sharing all things for women over 50.  

For years I have enjoyed playing on WordPress and blogs, but have only dabbled and never really knew what to blog about,  convinced myself I wasn’t a writer,  that was a story I was telling myself,   Listened to other people, and believed them too. 

 Thanks to the personal development courses in my online business  I decided why not me!! 

I just need to find something I could write about easily and after some thinking and pondering on my daily walks – My 50 Plus Life was born.   This is very relevant to me and I have had a varied life and lots to share. 

I am going to share my journey as I navigate stage 3 of my adult life.

Stage 1 –   Married, mum of 3 children –  all now grown up.

Stage 2 –  Divorced in my 40’s –  House sitting and literally running away from all responsibilities – more to share on that story one day.

Stage 3  –  I am  58,  a grandmother, and in a relatively new relationship with all the joys of sharing a house.   Plus to top it off,  we have moved from Victoria to Queensland to start in a new area. We have bought a little house on 5 acres, with lots of projects.  

 I will also be blogging about lots of other lifestyle things, relevant to women in their 50’s and beyond as this can be such a confusing time in our life.  Women often find themselves, on their own and in dicey financial situations, due to marriage breakups.  Or it’s a time when children have left home and they find themselves at a loose end,  It is often a time of transition and reinventing,  as well as struggling with body issues, menopause, and health challenges. 


Loving Life

I actually feel & look younger today, than I did 20 years ago.  It is a minefield out there with all the mixed messages for women in their 50’s and I aim to share parts of my journey along the way as I navigate life in my 50’s and beyond.   

I have overcome body issues, being too old to wear that, too skinny to wear that, etc, etc.  My hope is, if I can inspire someone to embrace who they are and become comfortable in their own skin, – then that would be great. 

I am planning to live well into my 90’s – my dear grandmother did, so why not me, so that gives me 30 years or so, so being fit and healthy is so very important.  

I hope you follow along with this blog,  which is far from perfect.    I will be changing the theme shortly and adding more pages,  but I remember a story about a lady that painted a few rooms in her house one weekend while her hubby was away and a friend came around to see how she went and it was all done.  Her friend said, – how did you get the clothes dryer down?” The lady said, oh I didn’t – I painted around it.   Her friend who was a perfectionist was horrified that she did that.  Her friend said – DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFECT!!  How true is this, so many times we delay things, waiting for them to be perfect.  So my motto is, start sharing on this blog and tweak it as  I  go. 

I am busy with my online business, so this blog is purely a hobby, a fun one, and great to do on rainy days when I can’t get outside in the garden or do some painting – I love upcycling furniture too – more on that hobby later. 

In the meantime – follow me on Facebook or Instagram as I would love to get to know you 


Enjoying Autumn Days in 2021