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My 50 Plus Life

Hi My name is Julie. 

I am in my 60’s and passionate about creating a life on my terms, with an online income to enable me to live a life of choice.

 I help women over 50 who want to create a lifestyle of freedom & choice.   

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Create a Lifestyle of Freedom & Choice for Women over 50 



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Meet Julie

Passionate about living her best life.  Online entrepreneur, house sitter, and world traveler.   After surviving narcissistic abuse, I am determined never to be reliant on a man, and creating income, where I have location independence and choices, is very important to me.  I  embraced my 60’s with a renewed passion to build an income to buy my own home and travel as much as I can.  I returned to the direct selling profession, with a company that launched in Australia early 2024.   I love helping other women succeed in their own business and I am ready to do it again, as my life has been in direct selling.  

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Love living my best life – earning my income online.


So important to create financial independence,  so you are not dependent on others.


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