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I left a library book behind in San Francisco!

I left a library book behind in San Francisco!

I love reading and used to have books with me all the time and I still remember the time I left a book behind in San Francisco. The librarian was quite amused when I confessed, they gave me a fine. I made the decision then to buy books to take with me when I went traveling. I had people keep saying get a kindle but no… I loved the feel of a book. It’s just not the same – that’s the stories I kept telling myself. I also didn’t like buying books I was only going to read once, so hence I loved libraries.

So I kept going to the library even while I was house sitting and I was always late with my books – so ended up paying fines all the time. There had to be a better way!!!! I kept resisting and resisting the whole kindle / iPad until one day I caved in. I discovered an amazing app called Borrow Box, which was a library app. I had a world of books at my fingertips and no more late fees. I was converted and now I do all my reading on my Ipad.

I had built up a large collection of personal development books that I sold or gave away when I packed up my life and went house sitting. I proceeded to download all my favourites onto my Ipad or onto Audible – which is a brilliant way to listen to books too. Audiobooks are brilliant for long drives and I listen to them when I go for my morning walk each day.

Reflecting on this story has made me think about other areas in my life, where I may be hanging onto old ways of doing things. Ways I could make some changes, and usually as in this case with the books, the outcome is a far better result and bonus money saver too.

I would love to know if you can relate to this, if you also struggled with the change from paperback to audio leave me a comment if you do

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